German Man Gets Reward From Elon Musk, As He Uses His Tesla Model S To Stop A Car Crash!

A German man who purposely keeps his expensive car Tesla Model S at risk just to stop an accident. This German man has done this great job and has earned the praise of Elon Musk, the Tesla’s CEO. The German man’s name is Manfred Kick he is 41-years-old. Manfred was driving his luxurious car at Autobahn near Munich on last Monday. While he was driving, he saw a Volkswagen car which passes him was not in control.The kick went closer to him and saw the driver had fallen on the steering wheel.
After seeing the driver Manfred realized that the driver needs urgent help, Manfred overtook the car and stopped it in front of Volkswagen.
Miami Herald said, Though his Tesla Model S was getting damage, kick managed to bring the car to stop the Volkswagen car.

As per the German reports, police and fire officials took the driver to the hospital and there he was treated for his internal injuries. After two days the incident was reported, and Manfred received rewards from the CEO of Tesla company Elon Musk confidently said him that all of his car repairs would be done in free charge.

Elon Musk Tweeted on his Twitter account:

As per the report now the Volkswagen driver is fine and is recovering. The total damage of both the car is estimated and it is more than $ 10,500.


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