Comedian Gaurav Gera‘s reaction to Tanmay Bhat‘s controversial Snapchat video mocking Bharat Ratna Lata Mangeshkar and Sachin Tendulkar ‘Sachin vs Lata Civil Wars’ video received a lot of criticism from bollywood. Now, in a surprising turn, Gaurav Gera also posted a video on Instagram with his take on the issue. Gaurav Gera also used the face swap tool of Snapchat and recorded a video of himself.

The comedian face swapped as veteran singer Lata Mangeshkar and said,  “Video agar funny hota, toh main khud shayad use share bhi karti, use share na karna mere khayal se kaafi hai, usse zyada main Tanmay ka bura nahi chahti” Gaurav also added “I watched Tanmay’s video. I didn’t like it, because I am a big fan of Lata Mangeshkar’s.” Taking a swipe at Bhat, Gera said, “I want to tell him, that even his face looks like someone has kept sabudana in water.”

Gaurav went all out of his way to express his support for Lata Mangeshkar. Alongside Gaurav also captioned the video as “My parents suggested not to put up this video .. But I don’t want to live in fear .. And yes am Lata Ji hugest fan.”

Discussions on ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘fine Line in comedy’ started grow when Tanmay Bhat hurt the sentiments of many countrymen by insulting the legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar and India’s great batsman Sachin Tendulkar. The controversy that was considered important enough to dominate primetime news and have a full-fledged Facebook trend dedicated to itself caught speed when AIB comedian Tanmay Bhat posted a video on his Snapchat and Facebook accounts featuring some rather unfunny jokes on Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar.

Smart move we say, do you think Gaurav Gera have actually made a very serious point in this video?

Taking a swipe at Bhat, Gera said, “I want to tell him, that even his face looks like someone has kept sabudana soaked in water.” Bhat had used the face swap tool in Snapchat to make the video and had shown Lata Mangeshkar and Sachin Tendulkar bickering.

Gaurav Gera’s funny take on Tanmay Bhat’s Lata Mangeshkar – Sachin Tendulkar video is the most sensible rection until now.

Bhat had used the face swap tool to make the video and had shown the two veterans bickering. The expletives strwen video had gone viral on facebook, with many people raising objections on the ‘offensive’ content. Soon MNS had taken an issue to the video and filed an FIR against Bhat, raising a whole lot of brouhaha about freedom of speech. Gera makes a case for restoring sanity once again. He says what all of us have been feeling for quite some time now- Don’t watch the video, if you don’t like it. There is no need to over react. And now, let’s please go back to focussing on REAL issues please!