MTV Splitsvilla Season 8 contestant Gaurav Arora is now officially Gauri Arora. He not only changed the name but has also become a woman now and just for you to know she looks gorgeous and super hot. While on the show, Gaurav told about his sexuality by saying he is bisexual and like guys and girls both.

Gaurav Arora no more has six packs, now she’s all about her beauty. When he told everyone that he is bisexual he gained everyone’s attention and from that time he was in the news. As per the news in Times of India she has not done any sex change surgery until now but has only removed hairs from the body with the help of laser treatment.

Gaurav Arora is very famous on the social media and regularly posts several pictures of the all-new look on his Instagram. Kudos to your courage, You might be inspiring a lot more people to let go of society pressure and live the life they’ve always wanted to.

Here are some of Gaurav Arora AKA Gauri Arora from Splitsvilla’s Hot pictures –

Gaurav not only became the first one to openly accept his bisexual adaptation on national television but has now transformed himself into a pretty woman with an all new name Gauri Arora.

Loves To be Healthy Fit.

The heartthrob contestant Gaurav Arora from MTV Splitsvilla 8 has a huge female fan following on his Instagram.

She looks amazing.

The contestant from Splitsvilla is now Gauri Arora and she looks so beautiful and gorgeous. See her pictures and let us know your opinion.

Cover Image Source – Instagram