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Gaurav And Bani’s Friendship Is In Danger, Jason Shah Tries To Get Close To VJ Bani!

This year TV Show Bigg Boss 10 is having less drama, but inside the house, there is a lot of…

By Administrator in Bigg Boss on December 8, 2016

This year TV Show Bigg Boss 10 is having less drama, but inside the house, there is a lot of Melodrama. The equality among the housemates change every time and there are no clear friends inside the house. Last night’s episode was friendship breaker episode. VJ Bani and Gaurav Chopra have the pressure of winning the show. Both of them were good friends and stood every time for each other but now they have become the enemies.

Bigg Boss 10 will soon show a new bond in the house by which all will be surprised. VJ Bani was seen ditching her close friend Gaurav Chopra and now Bani has found new friend inside the house. Bani’s behavior has suddenly changed towards Gaurav. Now Bani is spending most of her time with Jason Shah after she had continued the fight with Gaurav.

Well, the Luxury Budget task was interesting and will be getting new captain as well. Tonight’s episode will be having a big war between Lopa and Bani. Even the other interesting thing will be happening in tonight’s episode is Jason Shah is trying to get close to Bani. This gesture of Bani is shocking for all of us. Before going to sleep Bani goes to Jason to talk to him. Both of them are sitting on the sofa and there Jason tries to hug Bani, but she moves back and says that cameras are there. Both of them have a conversation before going to sleep.

Jason Shah is Trying To Get Closer To Bani. Gaurav and Bani are No More Friends.


What you guys think is Bani playing the game in the right way? Did Bani get a new friend and she seriously ditched Gaurav Chopra? Please do share your thoughts in the comment.

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