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Funny Reactions On Monalisa And Vikrant Singh's Wedding Inside The Bigg Boss House!

As we all know that today Monalisa is getting married inside the Bigg Boss 10 house. Monalisa is getting married…

By Administrator in Bigg Boss on January 17, 2017

As we all know that today Monalisa is getting married inside the Bigg Boss 10 house. Monalisa is getting married to her Boyfriend Vikrant Singh Rajpoot. In tonight’s episode, we will see Vikrant Singh will enter the Bigg Boss house to marry his ladylove Mona. Vikrant came inside the house with a wedding ring in his hand and goes down on his knees to propose Monalisa. At first, Mona could not believe that what all is happening is true, but then she jumped with happiness. Later Bigg Boss announce’s that Vikrant came is to marry Monalisa and the wedding will be inside the Bigg Boss house.
From the time news came out about the marriage in the Bigg Boss house, all the viewers and fans are bit upset and are telling that is this happening for the sake of publicity. All the viewers have got different questions like why Vikrant proposed Monalisa for marriage after eight years inside the house. Can’t he wait for few more days and propose her outside the house?
Many viewers have shown that they are not happy with this and telling that how makers are making fun of the show by making it a daily soap and a Swayamwar.
We have got some of the tweets of the Bigg Boss 10 viewers how they have reacted to Monalisa and Vikrant’s wedding. The reactions of the viewers look funny and entertaining.

Check Out the Tweets of the viewers:


Here are the tweets which are much entertaining. There will be much entertainment in the Bigg Boss house wedding. Do not miss tonight’s episode of the wedding. May be after wedding Monalisa will go out with Vikrant, and this will be her eviction. But no one knows what’s the truth.

Join them on this auspicious occasion tonight at 10:30 pm.
What do you guys think about the wedding? Is this done just for the sake of Publicity? Share your thoughts with us by commenting below. Stay tuned to us for more updates!

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