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From High-End Luxury To Exotic Supercars, Yuvraj Singh’s Car Collection Will Shock You

Yuvraj Singh is the biggest fame of Indian Cricket Team. With all difficulties in his life, he has still managed…

By Administrator in Cricket on December 12, 2016

Yuvraj Singh is the biggest fame of Indian Cricket Team. With all difficulties in his life, he has still managed to be the one to conquer cricket world. He is loved not only in India but the whole world. He is famous for his hard hitting power and long distance sixes.

He is famous for his 6 sixes against the England. But in spite of this, you might not have heard about the gifts that he had been blessed with after he hit the six sixes. Yes, These are very expensive.

Here is the list of Yuvraj Singh And His Luxury Cars –

He was presented with one of the expensive cars in the world after hit six sixes. Yes, after destroying Stuart Broad before IPL, Yuvraj Singh was presented with a Lamborghini which is worth 2.5 Crore By the Chairman Lalit Modi.

Lalit Modi gifted Yuvi an Orange Coloured Lamborghini which Yuvi Loved a lot. Yuvi was often seen driving this awesome car on the roads of Chandigarh. Many times Ranvijay, who is Yuvi’s friend was also seen with him driving the car.

Although Yuvi has a wide collection of cars but Lamborghini is the most expensive of them. BCCI also gifted yuvi a beautiful Porche worth 1 Crore which is also one of the most expensive cars in his collection. After recovery from cancer, Yuvi loved driving his Lamborghini.

He has a Porsche Spider too worth a crore which is also his in the list of his most loved cars. He often drives this car too.

Other than these, he has a Bentley Continental which is worth 2 Crore. And it is the second most expensive car in his collection. He has an Audi product too in his collection. Q5 Model of Audi and it is worth 55 Lakhs.

He has 2 BMW cars too in his collection. A BMW M3 and M5 which are more than 1 Crore each. His collection is too deep and has outstanding varieties in it. His first car was Honda City which was gifted by his father. With all this, Yuvi has one of the best cars in his collection, and he is worth it.

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