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For Women’s Safety, Mumbai Local Trains Will Now Have ‘Panic Buttons’ Installed!

In a bid to make train travel safer for female commuters, Railways has decided to install a ‘panic button’ inside…

By Administrator in News on May 30, 2016

In a bid to make train travel safer for female commuters, Railways has decided to install a ‘panic button’ inside Mumbai’s local trains. The security feature Red push button installed inside four ladies coaches of a local train was launched last week on a trial basis. Currently, women passengers have to depend on either on helpline numbers by call or SMS, or on chain-pulling in emergency situation, but with this system immediate action can be taken, a CR official said.

The system will initially be installed in one rake. It is yet to be decided whether the rake would run on the Western or Central line. The system will comprise of red push buttons, between two seats, inside the ladies coach. In case of any emergency incident, women passengers can press the button, which is placed next to the alarm chain, which will give an audio visual indication on flasher units provided outside the coach, thereby alerting commuters and staffers at the platform.

CR said in statement, “This will attract the attention of the passersby and the platform staff. An audio visual indication will also be available with the crew of the train. Immediate redressal of the emergency situation can be done. Reset buttons have been provided with the audio visual alarm. These can be used to put off the alarm indication system after necessary redressal. ”

Matunga workshop has designed the emergency alarm system, also referred to as the ‘panic button’, for installation in ladies compartments of city’s suburban train system. The emergency notification will be visible to passersby, railway staff and the train crew. The system will also include a reset button. Central Railway had earlier come up with a plan to install CCTV cameras in ladies compartments, but had to abandon it after opposition from women activists who said that the move would risk the privacy of women.

Central Railway sets up alarm system in ladies coaches of local train.

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