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Footballers And Famous Celebrities Take Appointments To Meet This 14 Year Old Arab kid

Rashed Belhasa is only 14 years old but already famous and a friend to the stars. Rashed is a social media celebrity with tens of thousands followers on YouTube and Instagram and is an entrepreneur who co-owns a clothing brand.

Rashed Belhasa is also the first call of most celebrities and footballers who fly into Dubai for events or a ­holiday. Rashed Belhasa says, “They all want to spend time on our family farm and see our tigers.” Rashed Belhasa studies at the International School of Arts and Sciences in Dubai.


Rashed Belhasa has 70 pairs of the Air Jordan, of which 15 are from the OG (original) series and the rest are the retro collection. Rashed said, “When popular designs from the past Air Jordan line are revived, they are called retro.”

Rashed Belhasa has racked up more than 96,300 ­followers on Instagram and 77,300 subscribers on YouTube. He got hooked only after witnessing the mania around the Kanye West designed Adidas trainers Yeezy, last year. Rashed Belhasa’s meet and greet schedule is handled by his agent.

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