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9 Flirty Texts Every Girl Can Use To Send their Crush Without Being Too Obvious!

Men are confusing creatures and oftentimes miss the subtle signs You put forth when you’re trying to tell a dude you like…

By Administrator in Impress a guy on April 2, 2016

Men are confusing creatures and oftentimes miss the subtle signs You put forth when you’re trying to tell a dude you like them. If you don’t make the opposite sex aware that you’re flirting, there is a good chance they’ll have no idea. Boys can be a bit clueless at times and not pick up on the hints you leave. That’s when it’s time to pick up your texting game a bit. Here are some flirty texts you can send your crush without being too obvious.

1. “It was great seeing you! Bumping into you is always so much fun.”


You see him on the street every now and again, it’s not just a coincidence and let him know that you enjoy his company!

2. “God, today is so boring. Please save me.”


It instantly lets him know that he makes your day better without seeming too desperate! If a guy is really interested in impressing you then he would make few attempts.

3. “Your favorite song just played on the radio, made me think of you.”


A small reminder that lets him know that you know the music he likes and it reminds you of him. It’s a cute way of letting him know that you know his likes & dislikes.

4. “Where have you been? I miss your face.”


When you haven’t seen him for a while, this is a cute way to express your disappointment. It can’t get better, this will nail him down and clearly tell him that you’re feeling his absence.

5. “Totally forgot to tell you earlier, that shirt looked really nice on you.”


Little does he know that all you want to do is see him without it! ;) Doesn’t mean he will have six pack abs when he goes shirtless.

6. “Wow, seems like someone doesn’t miss me anymore.”


A little teasing doesn’t hurt anybody! But keep it light hearted because he might have genuinely been busy.

7. “You should have come, it would be have been so much more fun.”


Just to let him know that you have a better time when he’s around. Nobody can really fill his presence and make you feel complete and comfortable.

8. “You won’t believe it, but I had a dream about you last night.”


Just to build some curiosity without giving away too much! This will definitely excite him and keep him engaged for your replies.

9. “I’m usually pretty calm, but when I’m thinking about you, it’s different.”


You’re a code to be cracked. You made him interested in the thrill of the chase and the conversation can go deeper emotionally.


Okay ladies, now you’re clued into some techniques. So, don’t waste your time sending out the wrong signals—get out there and use the above tips to show him you’re into him. Good luck!

What do you think of these tips? True or not? Let us know in the comments below!

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