The marriage of Indian cricketer Ravindra Jadeja’s to Reeva Solanki in Rajkot yesterday saw some unexpected controversy with some of the all-rounder’s kin firing revolver during the wedding procession.

As the marriage procession was moving, apparently one of Jadeja’s relatives, who was within a few feet of the horse-mounted cricketer, was seen firing in the air from his revolver.

The incident almost led to a catastrophe with Jadeja being nearly thrown off by his panicked horse.

No one was injured, but cops arriving at the scene said it’s illegal to use even licensed firearms except in cases of self-defence.

They have now launched an inquiry into the incident of a reveller firing his revolver.

Earlier, the 27-year-old cricketer was seen showcasing his sword-wielding skills at the sangeet ceremony on Saturday.

The footage of Jadeja slicing the air with his sword went viral on social media.

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