Vikas Sachdev was on Sunday arrested for allegedly molesting Zaira Wasim on board a Delhi-Mumbai flight, but I believe he might be innocent as he and his wife also have also accused the Dangal actress of doing a publicity stunt.

According to me, the guy has more than 50% of chance to be innocent. Let’s talk about the incident, I mean if I am super tired, I might stretch my legs unknowingly while yawning or unknowingly while sleeping or changing sides while sleeping. I usually travel by Mumbai local and I many times had people falling toward me while sitting and sleeping or by mistakenly hitting my leg while sleeping and stretching.

Well, whenever this happens I make sure I wake the person up and ask them to sit properly and in return, they also say sorry to me or anyone else.

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Well in this case of the flight, that guy had lost his relative and just came after performing the rituals. There’s a chance that the person could really be tired and could have mistakenly stretched his leg, Why did she not raise an alarm then and there? Why did she have to wait and tweet two hours later?

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Zaira could have turned back and asked the person to sit properly, and not only this, if she feels she’s a star enough and can’t just go to people and ask to behave, We must tell you even her mother was traveling with her, she could have told her instead and the two ladies could have informed.

Zaira Wasim molested

Even if the guy has molested her, she could have waited for them to reach the destination and later asked for the help from the police department, right there. Its hard to understand, why do you have to call out for social media attention when something is wrong. I would rather go out to the authorized person right there for the help.

So here’s the latest way to ask for help:

  1. Get on flight
  2. Get molested
  3. Wait for flight to reach out the destination
  4. Remove mobile from FLIGHT MODE
  5. Get network and internet access
  6. Complaint about Molestation on social media

zaira wasim molested

Jokes Apart …

Zaira said she was unable to get the video on her phone cause the cabin lights were dim. To my knowledge, almost every mobile phone these days have FLASHLIGHTS and I really think, people these days expertise in clicking better selfies in low light but they fail to record molestation or a crime on low light. WAAH!

The video only showed the person’s feet on the armrest, which is 100% an ill-mannered act but its certainly not molestation. We respect women, not the ones who just want to steal the limelight for media. How can someone molest through the armrest? Something is definitely fishy.

Let’s wait for the authorities to come out with the result, whether it is really molestation or whatever happened was by mistake. We are just here to put our point of view, let’s hope authorities come out with the best judgment.