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Finally Manveer Gurjar Opens Up About His Wedding, He Says His Wife Dumped Him

The winner of Bigg Boss 10 Manveer Gurjar is in the news for his marriage. The controversies are saying that he is married and has a 5-year-old kid. Manveer and his family were refusing that he is not married and all the news is fake. In his interview, he said ““I am not married. Shaadi jaisi cheez aise chhup nahi sakti. I have been in the Bigg Boss house since October. Agar yeh such hota toh ab tak kisi ne toh issue raise kiya hi hota.”  But now Manveer has officially accepted that he was married. Yes, the news is true Manveer Gurjar was married.
Manveer said he was married in the year 2014, but he and his wife couldn’t make up, so they were separated. We have got the video of Manveer confessing about his wedding and has cleared everything about the marriage. He said they were married but in 5-6 months they were separated and he has a daughter too. In few months he walked out of the marriage, and this was the reason why his father was not talking to him.
In the video, he said, “I am married or not it has nothing to do with the show. She dumped me and had made a decision to get separate. You have watched me on the show. I have never tried to take advantage of anybody, or shown any jealousy. I have played as Manveer and whatever I was inside the house is the real me. I didn’t play the game as a game but lived there like a housemate.”

Here is the video of Manveer Gurjar Confessing about his marriage:


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