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Fight Between Swamiji And Manveer In Bigg Boss 10 Takes A Ugly Turn!

Bigg Boss 10 is becoming interesting day by day, every day there are new fights and different tasks in the house. Last week Priyanka Jagga was eliminated and now soon there will be a second elimination round in the Big Boss house. Every BB fan is eager to know about who is going to be eliminated from the house. In last episode of Big Boss, we saw something new, The India wale Team is fighting within themselves. Swamiji had a fight with his own team member, Manveer.

It looks like Swamiji wants to oppose more people in Bigg Boss house. Now, Swamiji is not getting along with his own team members and before he had an issue with the Celebrities. who knows what’s in his mind.

In last Big Boss episode, after the task was completed, Bigg Boss asked the housemates to give one name of any contestant from their team, who’s performance was not up to the mark in the task and who they think should go to jail in BB house. Both the team’s team members discussed among their following teams and gave the names accordingly to Big Boss. From team celebs, Mona was elected and from Indiawale team Swamiji.

Mona and Swamiji did not like the decision taken by their following teams. Swamiji refused to go to jail as he had already been into the BB jail. Swamiji was upset with this decision and about the injustice activity performed on him. Manveer lost his temper and shouts at Swamiji and tells him to shut his mouth. There was a heated argument between Manveer and Swamiji, but at last Om Swami went in the BB jail. Mona was seen crying and is not happy with the jail going decision.

Monalisa and Om Swami Are Against The Jail Going Decision, Both Stated That their team has done an unfair Activity With Them.


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