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What the heck is ‘FIDGET SPINNER’ and why is everyone wanting it?

Do you get stress out while working or you fidget a lot when you are sitting idle? If yes, then…

By Abhinav D Anand in Lifestyle on April 17, 2019

Do you get stress out while working or you fidget a lot when you are sitting idle? If yes, then you definitely need this homemade fidget spinner which can help you in overcoming your stress and can also act as a great toy for killing time. This spinner also helps you in building up concentration and in relaxing when you are tired. With this cute little spinner, you can also do some tricks. Your siblings and friends would be fascinated when they see this spinner in your hand. You can also buy a spinner from the market, but those spinners are sold above $1 and are made up of plastic whereas this spinner is made up of wood and the build cost of it is around 0.42 dollars or INR 30.

Everyone fidgets…except maybe for those guards in front of Buckingham Palace. Whether it’s touching your hair, biting your nails, playing with your clothing or spinning pens in your hands, you probably fidget many, many times a day. Herein lies the reason why the fidget spinner has become the latest toy craze among children..and even adults.

The palm-sized, three-pronged gadget is kinda like a spinning top you hold in your hand. You literally put it between your finger and thumb, then flick to spin. Simples.

Though they can cost as little as £2, soupped-up versions topping kids lust-list can sell for as much as £40. Meanwhile YouTube videos demonstrating how to perform tricks with the little spinners are attracting millions of views

It’s the latest fad for kids, and scientists say they can help people with autism, ADHD, and anxiety to focus. “What’s most appealing to children is that once they start using it they find that they’re doing a better job on their schoolwork,” he says.

It’s called a fidget spinner because it can spin and allows you to do what you normally try not to do: fidget. The toy looks like a cross between a ceiling fan and the head of a triple headed electric shaver.

What is a fidget spinner?

It’s marketed as a stress-relieving toy that helps with nervous energy or stress. You hold the center of a fidget spinner with your thumb and finger and use your other hand to spin it rapidly. That’s it. It’s a simple toy that works.

Are they allowed in school?

The word on the street is that many schools are banning them for being a distraction to the classroom.

Why does my child need one?

Here are some good, bad and ridiculous reasons your child needs a fidget spinner:

They are fun. Fidget spinners seem like nothing special but they are really, really fun.
They really do channel nervous energy.
Your child needs a fidget spinner so you can take it from him. Ahem. I have no experience in this at all… spins fidget spinner.
Instead of relying on electronics or carrying around crayons and paper, you can pack a fidget spinner in your pocket for those times when your child has a hard time waiting. We have busted out the fidget spinners at restaurants, in the doctor’s office, and most recently for a Tax Day meeting with my accountant. I was feeling very thankful for the fidget spinner that day.
All the other kids have them. Okay, this isn’t a good reason, but it’s the reason my kids’ 9-year-old friend gave when I asked him.
They can help a child stop sucking a thumb, biting nails, or picking at cuticles. Instead of channeling nervous energy into those habits, your child can use her fidget spinner.
They hurt less to step on than Legos. My 5-year-old builds with Legos during everything from story time before bed to the last second before we sit down to family dinner. I am tired of stepping on Legos, and since we got a fidget spinner the Legos have stayed in their designated building space.
Fidget spinners are way less messy than slime. Anyone else have slime stuck to their living room rug or, ugh, in their child’s hair? You won’t have that problem with a fidget spinner. However, I did note that the cheaper fidget spinners tend to lose bearings very quickly which can be dangerous with small children in the house.

Telling about the materials, this spinner is completely made up of wood and the ball bearing used is made up of stainless steel. The three nuts that you see in the photo are iron nuts and are used as weights to rotate the spinner. When you provide some energy to the spinner, it starts rotating at a place and keeps on rotating until it Kinetic energy becomes zero. This spinner takes around half an hour to build and is rated 3 out of 10 on the difficulty scale.

As you can see, the fidget spinner is not exactly the most complex of inventions, although it gives a whirring sound while it spins. And fidgeting certainly is not a new human behavior. Find someone who doesn’t fidget at all and you’ve probably found someone who’s gotten full-body Botox. Therefore, the fidget spinner’s price premium ($15 on Amazon) over other common fidget objects such as pens, pencils, balls and coins probably isn’t due to massive research and development costs. Nonetheless, some retailers have made claims that the fidget spinner has health benefits such as easing stress, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). How legitimate are these claims?

High Quality ABS Plastic Fidget Spinners

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How to use:
Hold spinner in one hand and use the other hand to spin it rapidly. Spinners can be spun by using one hand only using the fingers of one hand to stop and start spinning.
If you fidget a lot get these amazing Fidget Spinners and fidget in a way that makes heads turn. Flaunt this colourful spinners to your friends, families and loved ones.

It’s a great toy to play with anywhere. Spin it in your hands, table or compete with your friend’s spin time. Bored at work? Spin the boredom out.

Made from high quality ABS plastic, high quality hybrid ceramic ball bearings covered with stainless steel shell which ensures longer life, equally balanced either sides which assures you a stupid fast and a long spin time.

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Are there any children’s toys out there right now that are more popular than fidget spinners? Also referred to as hand spinners, these little plastic and ceramic gadgets seem crazy to adults, but kids can’t get enough of them. What do they do, you ask? They spin. Duh. You can find fidget spinners all over the place these days, and if you have young children they’ve no doubt sent you on multiple missions to buy them. Rather than trekking around town and overpaying since they’re so popular right now, we’ve found high-quality hand spinners on Amazon that only cost $9 each.

Here are some highlights from the product page:

Fidget Hand Spinner: 1-3 Minute Average Spins!
Material:premium ceramic bearings and plastic
Small and light weight,Easy to carry,perfect size suitable for pocket, spins very smoothly and quiet.
How to play:Hold spinner in one hand and use the other hand to spin it rapidly using small continuous strikes to keep it spinning indefinitely with practice, spinners can be spun using one hand only using the fingers of one hand to stop and start spinning.
Great For Anxiety, Focusing, ADHD, Autism, Quitting Bad Habits, Staying Awake,also effective for Focus and Deep Thought



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