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Fast & Furious 8 Review: Speeding car’s took the Imagination out of track!

One of the best action sequence movie makers, The Fast & Furious franchise offers non-stop entertainment to action buffs, particularly those who made the franchise make big bucks in 16 years. The franchise has been testing the audience from the longest time for cartoonish actions like million-dollar cars parachuting down the airplanes, chasing down a cargo plane down on a 45 km runway or dragging 3-tonne bank vaults across Rio de Janeiro streets or maybe bringing Letty back from the death.

Fast and the furious 8 have crossed all the imaginary lines as we see, Vin Diesel, racing a nuclear-armed submarine. and Han’s classic reaction shot, that wry smile on his face, and a bag of chips in his hands. The only thing that draws attention to this movie is the action, starting with the pulsating car race in Havana to the crowded streets of the ‘Big Apple’ and the final showdown in the snow-capped Siberia, every stunt is expertly handled.

Fast & Furious 8 Review: Speeding car's took the Imagination out of track! 1

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The movie ends with an indication of Part 9. I wouldn’t mind watching the movie as long as Vin Diesel doesn’t “attempt” to cry on screen. There are a lot of faces in this movie, some are welcome franchise returns, some are surprise cameos and then there’s the principal cast, which is massive in itself,  with some genuine star charisma from the aforementioned Johnson and Statham and comic relief from returning stars including Tyrese Gibson, it’s obvious this film is here to entertain rather than thrill.

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The late Paul Walker is mentioned in the film too. His absence is certainly felt, but it’s admirable how they’ve removed his character from the equation in a way that makes narrative sense. As the previous Fast & Furious had to be completed with the help of CGI after the actor Paul Walker passed away in a car crash. Paul Walker has given a respectful exit from the series and Scott Eastwood effectively takes Walker’s place as the token law enforcement officer.

Fast & Furious 8 Review: Speeding car's took the Imagination out of track! 2

Fast & Furious 8 could be a blistering action spectacular that’s unrelentingly fun and very audacious in its implementation. It’s all daft after all, however undeniably fun all constant. Gripping, exhilarating and totally intense from beginning to end, this can be a superbly musical organization medley of spectacle that’s doused in Diesel & filtered through Rock. give a scene-stealing Jason Statham and an icy cold antagonist in Charlize Theron and you’ve got one among the simplest chapters during this show franchise. Roll on fast & Furious 9 and 10.

Fast and Furious 8 Ratings on some of the key aspects:

1. Acting: 3/5 (Mostly for Charlize Theron )
2. Direction: 2.5/5
3. Music: 3/5
4. Story, Screenplay, and Dialogue: 2/5
5. Cinematography: 4/5
6. Action: 4/5
6. Production Quality: 4/5

Fast and Furious 8 box office collection:

The film had opened on Thursday at Rs 9.25 crore and went on to collect Rs 11.25 crore on Friday. In addition, the action film had earned Rs 5.50 crore from paid previews on Wednesday.

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