Bollywood Actor Fardeen Khan, who was recently trolled by many on social media platforms for his weight gain, has lashed back at the body shamers by saying that he is not ashamed, offended and depressed over it. Fardeen Khan went viral last week which got twitterati talking about his weight gain, but Fardeen remains unabashed. Fardeen decided to write a long letter on Facebook, hitting back at everyone who were weighing in with their opinions on his recently acquired fat.

Fardeen has resorted to Facebook to vent out his frustration and write a long post on facebook, he calls out to trollers and slams them for body shaming him. He insists he is happy in his own space and they need to not worry. He also states that he is glad to have provided ‘weekend entertainment’ to the trollers and wishes them luck if that is what they want to keep doing in future.

Fardeen Khan, called on people to raise their voice against online trolling. “For those of you who spoke against mindless trolling please raise your voices. This worldwide behavioral pattern on the internet is disturbing even though I believe in absolutely free speech and opinions. Being a realist, I will caution that all we can hope to achieve by speaking out.”

Fardeen Khan found a supporter in singer Adnan Sami, who has gone through the ordeal himself, and was applauded for his drastic weight loss. The singer tweeted what everybody else should really have, instead of making silly jokes on Khan.

Fardeen Khan was one of Twitter’s top trends after photos of his now-heavier self surfaced on social media.

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