Being an Indian, paan after a scrumptious meal is a must! This royal treat at most of the ceremonies is the undying evergreen herb with beautiful heart shaped leaf which is prepared in various ways using flavorful and fragrant herbs and spices. Besides being used as a mouth freshener, paan has many benefits one being good for digestion.

The line ‘Bhaiya ek meetha paan laga dena’ is very common to hear at all the paan centers. There may be thousands of paan centers across India, each selling number of flavors with each tastier than the other. The paan palette has become richer with delectable flavors like paan kulfi, mawa paan, laddoo paan in the list. Here we bring you list of amazing paans across India which you must try:

Meetha Paan:

Meetha Paan is largely famous in North India – Lucknow, Varanasi and Patna. The delicious ingredients that go into it are simply amazing. The marvel combination has everything from fruity peppermint, sugar-coated fennel etc. safe even for children.


Sandal Paan:

Have u tried the sandal paan from Delhi? A mouth freshener that promises to energize you and give you a refreshing experience is a must try during summer.


Ice Paan:

Never heard right? Well, a concoction filled with crushed ice with mint flavor is the best dessert on a hot summer day. Surprise someone with this unique delight!


Chuski Paan:

We bet, you sure can’t miss affording the chuski paan of Delhi. An interesting mixture of crushed ice, with a rose syrup, makes a perfect cooler in the hot season.


Fire Paan:

Hundreds of flavors are available and one interesting thing added to the list is the popular fire paan from Ahmedabad. A regular paan with an interesting twist, it is put on fire before putting in your mouth. An exciting one to try!


Chocolate Paan:

This is one is the most special paan and very popular amongst the chocolate lovers. Either add chocolate chips or dip in the chocolate syrup and just relish this yummylicious mouth freshener cum dessert. Mostly, this paan is famous of Pune and Mumbai.


Fruit Paan:

In this, the paan filling is of strawberry, pineapple, butterscotch, sandalwood and more. All the ingredients are tobacco-free and can be relished the last bite.


Paan eating experience has been revolutionized according to time, with new flavors and twists coming in.

It’s no time when the desserts will be replaced with this evergreen scrumptious paan!