Some facts that you don’t know about your favorite cricketers. We are managing to keep your interest and reveal about the past of cricketers before coming to the International Cricket. You know them as cricketers but before they became cricketers, they had another life and another profession. It’s not an easy task to raise yourself up to the heights of the sky, they too have started from other professions, and landed here as the cricketers. Sometimes you all must be wondering why there are words like “luck”, “opportunities” being associated with an article related to cricket but yes there are these “luck factors” in cricket as well. There are many players who did not dream about playing cricket on the biggest level and they continued leading their lives with their respective professions as all others do.

Here are 10 famous International cricketers and their past profession.

1. Mahendra Singh Dhoni – Train Ticket Collector


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Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is one of those success stories where a small town boy defeated all the difficulties his way and achieved a dream high career. Dhoni worked as a TTE with the Indian Railways at the Kharagpur railway station from 2001 to 2003. Since he started playing serious cricket the Ranchi boy has never looked back first as an Indian cricketer, wicket-keeper and now as the captain of the team has achieved unsalable heights.

2. Brad Hodge – Petrol Pump Employee


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Brad Hodge is one of the most prolific run-scorer for Australia but he is highly regarded for his performance in Australian domestic one day matches as he has scored highest number of centuries(20). He worked as a petrol pump employee in Mentone,Victoria. He would’ve never imagined that he would end up being one of the most talented batsman from a petrol pump employee.

3. Mitchell Johnson – Truck Driver


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Australian pacer Mitchell Johnson is another player who has developed as an aggressive and fearsome over a period of time. You will be surprised to know that he was a truck driver in his early life. He used to supply plumbing material through it from early morning till mid-day and then he used to pursue his cricket training in afternoon.

4. Shane Bond – Police Officer


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New Zealand’s Fast & fearsome Shane Bond has been one of the best pacers in cricket due to his aggressive attitude. But before becoming cricketer, he served as a cop for the New Zealand police. He pursued his police training in 1999-2000. He believed that training he received as a cop helped him in cricket too as he had to deal with many injuries in his career and he faced them with fighting attitude.

5. AB De Villiers – All-Rounder

South Africa v Pakistan - 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup

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AB De Villiers is an all-rounder in all sports like rugby, hockey, badminton and Cricket. AB de Villiers was the national U19 badminton champion and he was also shortlisted in the South African national hockey and soccer groups. He got Nelson Mandela medal for his research in science. But finally after playing all the games, he moved forward towards the cricket!

6. Nathan Lyon – Ground staff


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Australian off spinner Nathan Lyon is the one who is known for his courageous attitude in off spin bowling as he has been successful in trapping batsmen over a period of time without much variation in his bowling. Nathan Lyon was a pitch curator in Canberra in his earlier life. Later on he was appointed as groundsman for Adelaide cricket ground and from then he never looked back.

7. Joe Dawes – Policeman


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Joe Dawes the Indian cricket team’s their bowling coach is known to have worked as a Policeman for more than eight years in his early life. Wallop the nick name he is known with, in the cricket world worked as an undercover officer in the Australian police department. Dawes started his cricketing career for the Queensland Bulls team in Australian domestic cricket as a right-arm pace bowler.

8. Ian Chappell – Baseball player


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Ian Chappell was a coach, and is been remembered to spend his years of early life, playing Baseball, or lead his life as a baseball player! He didn’t want to be a cricketer in the first place, he was quite interested in baseball. He was also selected for the national team as he was a recognized player in baseball.

9. Dwayne Leverock – Policeman


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Dwayne Leverock is known in the world of cricket for being the heaviest player to have ever taken the field. Leverock from the ICC World T20, 2007 fame worked as a cop and drove the prison van while working in the Police department. Dwayne Leverock weighed around 127 kg while he played for Bermuda getting him the title of being the ‘largest cricketer’.

10. Shane Warne- Part-time Footballer


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One of the greatest spinners to have ever played the history of the game Shane Warne the invincible Aussie indeed had a great interest in cricket from his childhood players but he played a good number of football games for St.Kilda’s Football club as he was equally interested in Australian rules football but he soon was delisted by the club and once again his focus returned to cricket. He would’ve never regretted his delisting from his football club as he proved to be a big thing in the world cricket.

It’s not easy task to raise yourself up to the heights of the sky, they too have started from other professions, and landed here as the cricketers.

We know international cricketers for being superstars. Cricketers are known for their way of pursuing the game, their crowd pulling ability, unique techniques , crazy fans etc. We all enjoy their performances for their country but many of us don’t know about their earlier life and the hard work which they had to undergo to achieve their goals. Above list surprising names in the list and will surely make you realize fame and success do not come without a price.