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Fake FB Post About A Boy's Murder And Kidnap Goes Viral Before It Was Identified

On the Internet, anything can go Viral at anytime, anywhere. Anything which goes Viral can be something to worry about….

By Administrator in News Viral on February 8, 2017

On the Internet, anything can go Viral at anytime, anywhere. Anything which goes Viral can be something to worry about. Something like that has happened on the recent Facebook post by Zain Shaikh. On Sunday, Zain Shaikh posted a fake message on his Facebook Wall about the minor boy’s kidnap and Murder. He even uploaded a picture of that boy and said he is his nephew and the public on Social Media went mad to save his nephew. Zain Shaikh’s FB post went hell viral on the Internet and was shared more than 7.5k(7500) times. These many shares were done before they Identified that the post is FAKE and then Zain’s profile went missing from Facebook.
On Monday, Mumbai Police asked the cyber crime cell to make an inquiry to find out who has done this and what is the motive behind it. Some of the experts gave their opinion and said this could be the way to spread terror through the Internet. Sanjay Saxena, the joint commissioner of police, said, “If the person has created mischief, further action will be initiated by registering a FIR.”
Zain Shaikh had sent the world into the distraction when he posted a fake message about his nephew’s kidnap and murder. The fake post got comments one after the other about giving the information who kidnapped and how the police complaint would be filed.

The ex-state DGP Sivanandhan said, “The social web is being used to spread terror and take revenge. Police have to think before taking action in such matters. Who has gained at whose cost? I wonder what action police would take unless someone files a case and pushes hard.” The Lawyer YP Singh who was first IPS officer said, the false messages which cause tizzy get an offense under Section 505 of IPC cyber lawyer Prashant Mali said such messages should attract Section 66F of the IT Act, 2000 which mandates punishment up to life.
A huge crowd gathered at the funeral for condolence messages flew. This is not the first time such thing has happened on Social Media. Some of the people genuinely take Internet as a way to help, but some use it as a weapon. It is the responsibility of Police to investigate such cases.

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