Sunday, September 26, 2021
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Fact Checking Policy

The Youth Magazine is committed to doing its best to publish accurate content. We are committed to achieving due accuracy in all its output. This commitment is fundamental to our reputation and the trust of audiences. All our contents are well-sourced, based on available evidence, and corroborated. We seek independent verification from sources to confirm claims, information, allegation, especially those made by public officials or anyone with an agenda beyond merely reporting the truth. Our editors are industry veterans and make sure every article has accurate information and all relevant details.

The Youth Magazine stands by the information it publishes and deems it be accurate. If proven otherwise, we change the news item/information as quickly as possible. We do not knowingly and materially mislead our audiences. We do not distort facts or present invented material as facts, that can undermine our audiences’ trust in our content. We acknowledge serious factual errors and correct them quickly, clearly, and appropriately.

We verify claims made by Posts on:

  • Facebook pages/Twitter handles spreading hatred using fake information
  • Scams/Rumours which can cause fear or panic among people
  • Misinformation on health or even related to business/economy.

We also provide a fair opportunity for the public to report any inaccuracies or errors in our reportage via the ‘Contact Us’ section that appears at the end of every web story that is published. The Youth Magazine will use fact checkers in certain circumstances it deems warranted.

Reporters conduct their own fact-checking using and their own judgment guided. For corrections or update requests, please contact [email protected]

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