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Here Are Top 6 Most Expensive shoes For Girls In The World

Shoes are the most essential element of human accessories among others like clothes and considerably required both men and women…

By Administrator in Style Guides on May 24, 2016

Shoes are the most essential element of human accessories among others like clothes and considerably required both men and women with same intensity, though the quality and looks differs between male and female brands. Women shoe brands are more common than men as manufacturers keen to make more stylish, elegant and attractive products that have been loved by females. Here are top 10 most expensive slippers for girls in the world

1. The Ruby Slippers ($3 Million):


Fifty years after the production of the movie, Ronald Winston decided to recreate the ruby slippers, this time using rubies and diamonds instead of sequins. A dedication of two months’ time using 4600 rubies and 50 carat diamonds, a stunning pair of glittering shoes were created. After about 60 days, these were unveiled at the “House of the Harry Winston” with a price tag of only US $3 Million attached to it.

2. Platinum Guild Stilettoes ($1.9 Million):

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Made one of a kind in 2002 by Stuart Weitzman, this stunning pair is made using platinum fabric with 464 Kwait diamonds set with real platinum threads. The diamonds consist of both pear and round shaped stones place intricately, making this pair cost a crazy $1.9 Million.

3. Retro Rose Pumps ($1 Million):


1800 Kwait diamonds which equals to almost 100 carats is what makes this beautiful Rose Pumps look complete. A classic design show with simple T – strap and a great out-of-the-box idea to make elaborate roses placed at the toe is a true invention which is extremely unique from the rest. The retro look with traditional straps.

4. Cinderella Slippers ($2 Million):


The bearish dream Cinderella Slippers has 565 jewels weighing 55 carats in platinum setting at laces, one of most fine and voguish creation from Stuart Weitzman which has repeated name in this list because of its amazing shoe collection especially for women. The $2 Million Cinderella Slippers has been worn by gorgeous and stunning beauty Alison Krauss at 2004 Oscars and the only lady who has marked her appearance in this trendy pair that stands among expensive footwear in the world.

5. Diamond Dream Stilettos ($500,000):

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The one of most expensive shoe for women Diamond Dream Stilettos is manufactured by top ranked world designer Stuart Weitzman, used by top celebrity Anika Noni Rose for 2007 Oscars. Diamond Dream Stilettos shoes are worth $500,000, 1,420 diamonds studded in it set in platinum encrusted in the shoe making it most lavish and stylish. The two-band shoe has diamond-coated circles at top of foot and silver band across the toes looks striking, making it more attractive and fine made footwear for women.

6. Tanzanite Heels by Stuart Weitzman ($2 Million):


Startling and remarkable teamwork of Weitzman and high end jewelry designer Eddie Le Vian brought Tanzanite Heels to the women who want to own the most elegant and expensive thing including shoes. The silver leather made footwear has an ankle strap on top looks like necklace while the behind strap has been coated with 28 carats of diamonds and 185 carats of elegant bright blue tanzanite stones while the sagging 16 carat tanzanite drop made the pair just staggering costing $2 Million.


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