We always think of our toilets as being serious in terms of cleanliness, even though we clean them regularly and are quite happy to sit on them. Unfortunately, there are loads of things in your house that are dirtier. That you come into contact with daily, that are dirtier than your toilet. If you want to continue living life happy, you may want to turn back now, but if you’re like us and your interest is winning you over, please tread with caution.

Here are everyday uses items that are dirtier than your Toilet Seat:

1. Toothbrush


Toothbrushes are stuck in your mouth up to three times a day for some people. The germs located on them generally include those from the toilet. So if your toothbrush is outside, then its bound to catch some of it.

Image Source: apsmilecare.co.uk

2. Door Knobs

Antique Door And Door Knob

The ones inside your house with all the door handles you touch outside your house, and you’re picking up all types of germs. The next time someone holds the door for you, thank them for saving you from all types of bacteria.

Image Source: jonessewandvac.com

3. Mobile Phone


Mobile phone are held close to your mouth and often get passed around, they soon pick up huge numbers of germs. These bacteria can cause stomach upsets and sickness making it vital to clean your phone regularly.

Image Source: thecitizen.co.tz

4. ATMs


People make use of ATMs on a near daily basis, so it makes sense that every single button on said machine has around 1,200 bacteria area under per square inch.

Image Source: tyrolcleaning.com

5. Money


If you take a look in your wallet, you are either lucky enough to have some cash, or lucky enough not to have any. We say the latter because there are 200,000 different bacteria per square inch.

Image Source: wholesalerealestateinvesting.com

6. Keyboards


Keyboards can have up to 200 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. That’s right keyboards are health hazards. How many people in your office sit and eat while they work? Pretty gross when you think about it.

Image Source: youtube.com

7. Kitchen Sponges

The study they are referring to found that there are about 10 million bacteria found per square inch of that rectangle wonder. When researchers tested 1,000 sponges and dishcloths from kitchens, they found 10 per cent contained salmonella.

Image Source: yourvibrantfamily.com

8. Handbag


When researchers studied 25 bags, they found that the average was three times dirtier than the office toilet seat. It may be your pride and joy, but your handbag could be a serious carrier of germs.

Image Source: aol.com

9. Restaurant Menus

Restaurant Menus

The menus in a restaurant have a hundred times more bacteria compared to a toilet seat. Imagine that, your toilet seat is actually cleaner than you think compared to this. A lot of people touch it, and we definitely have some bacteria on our hands when we do.

Image Source: foxnews.com



A study of fast food restaurants in the US found that 70% of the ice served had more bacteria than the toilet water.

Image Source: uvguard.com