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Every 90s Kid Misses These Food Items So Badly And Today Wants Them Back!

All the 90s kids know what is the power of ‘Boomer’ man, they were a ‘Milo’ Kid and used to…

By Administrator in Food on February 23, 2017

All the 90s kids know what is the power of ‘Boomer’ man, they were a ‘Milo’ Kid and used to have some ‘Chocki’ and a ‘Byte.’ By just listening to these names I am sure you want to eat these items once again. In those days we had so many things to choose from, but now we don’t. Now, a bigger Dairy Milk is also not more than three ‘Bytes’ packet. It is said that today, we have so many things to choose from may be it is more than the 90s, but it’s not like 90s food items. In those days we used to get ‘Chocki’, perk( sans glucose) and many more items which we used to love to eat.
Just to replay our old memories, we have got some of our favorite food items which we don’t get in India, but we want it back.

1. ‘Chocki’ it was just Rs.1, and almost all the kids used to have it everyday.

2. The Chocolate-y Perk was yummy. Today we get in glucose flavor, but they are Ok.

3. Chocos were so yum and full of Chocolate. I used to have it everyday.


4. Big Babool Chewing-gum, used to have too much. This might remind you the TV advertisement of the ‘Chidiya rani badi siyani.’


5. I miss this, and I am sure all of us miss Bytes.

6. Center Shock jo Hila ke rakh de!

7. Pan flavored candies; now we don’t get it everywhere rarely we can find in some areas. We miss it.

8. The Polo mint in the flavors, now it’s no more.


9. Nestle Milo, the goodies were great. Now we don’t get it in the market.

We even miss that ‘Cheetos Whoosh’, Lay’s Chaat Masala and the mango shaped ball ice-creams. I personally want all these 90s food back. What about you guys?
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