Yesterday one of my friends asked me a question while we were eating pizza, what’s that white thing for? And I had no idea about it. I wondered why that small white table like a thing is put on top of pizzas while putting them in a pizza box? Are they there to keep the pizza pieces bound together? Is it a toy to keep children engaged while you enjoy that pizza? The answer is, NO.

Today, I’m writing this article to share my newly gained knowledge on this topic. I did my research and got to know what’s the purpose of that small white table like thing and what’s it called. I’m pretty sure you also would’ve wondered at times while eating pizza, about these things. Well, think no more my friends. The secret is about to get unveiled.

Why is it placed on the top of the pizza?

These white table like structures is used to keep the pizza topping and cheese from sticking to the pizza box cover and leaving only the pizza base bread for you. I’m pretty sure many of you would’ve thought this. Here, now you know you were right.

What is it called? What’s the name of this thing?

This is known as the Pizza box tent. Now that’s some name it has got there. I’m still wondering though, it looks like a small table but it’s called box tent. Funny. LOL.

What will happen if we do not use them?

This picture will explain you everything. You can’t even imagine the horror you will experience if this box tent will not be there. It’s going to be a complete mess!

Well, now you know what it’s called and what’s the purpose of it. You can be at peace now, like me. The mystery has been unsolved!