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Euro 2016: England And Russia Fans Clash In Marseille Streets.

France and Russia fans stormed a section of England supporters inside the stadium moments after Saturday’s 1-1 draw between the countries at the European Championship on another day of violence and rioting in the southern French city of Marseille.

There were also fight between visiting fans and locals in the narrow streets leading off Marseille’s Vieux Port, with some wielding cafe tables as weapons. Marseille’s emergency services said one person suffered a heart attack during the fracas and had been taken to hospital while one middle-aged England fan was knocked unconscious.


Many are reported to be injured as police had to use tear gas and water cannons to subdue the rioters in Marseille. Between the broken beer bottles and gray clouds of tear gas, families and tourists walked around, sometimes forced to circle around lines of riot police leaning on their shields. Groups of people watched the chaos from the rear decks of two gleaming white yachts.


European football’s governing body UEFA issued the warning as German hooligans became the latest to join street battles that have marred the tournament, following three days of clashes in Marseille between Russian and English fans. Tensions between supporters of the two countries came to a head inside the Stade Velodrome after Saturday’s 1-1 England-Russia draw.


Among the broken beer bottles and grey clouds of tear gas that filled the Old Port, families and tourists walked around the picturesque area, sometimes forced to skirt around lines of riot police.TV footage showed fans throwing chairs pull from restaurant terraces and scuffling on a staircase, where one man was seen kicking another one down the stairs.

Here are designated separate routes to approach the Stade Velodrome for the match while the massive beach-side fan zone has been split into two sections, each holding 40,000, in an attempt at rough separation. The game’s 9 p.m. local time kickoff left time for a formidable amount of beer to be drunk and the authorities are braced for more disorder.

Image Source: indiatimes.com

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