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Euphoria’s Palash Sen Blames The Film Industry For The Death Of Indipop Music!

Palash Sen of India’s most famous band Euphoria is a upset man these days. Euphoria’s lead singer Palash Sen has…

By Administrator in Bollywood on June 8, 2016

Palash Sen of India’s most famous band Euphoria is a upset man these days. Euphoria’s lead singer Palash Sen has voiced his anger on all this and more in a video ‘What is going wrong in the music space’ which was released on 6 June 2016.

Palash Sen of Euphoria is taking the issue head on. With a number of folk hits to their name, the band is still a favorite in colleges and also has nostalgic value for those from the nineties. But the Indipop scene, vibrant in the nineties with Euphoria, Shaan, Shweta Shetty, Sonu Nigam, Sunita Rao, Bombay Vikings, Indian Ocean, Indus Creed and many more, has died a slow death in India.

In a video titled The reason why you don’t get to hear Indipop music anymore, Palash Sen vents out his anger at the situation. He feels that Bollywood playback singing has killed the genre so much so that investors and music managers are no longer interested in singles or Indipop.

Palash can be seen regret the current situation in the video. Palash Sen says, “There was a time, when a lot of music used to exist in our country. Suddenly, the music vanished.” Do we ever ponder, why has it happened? The vocalist explained that it is because the music produced by film-industry is being controlled by marketing executives and businessmen. He claims in the video that, “They can just be dealers who know how to peddle music. The true essence of music is not their cup of tea.”

Palash Sen wonders why only Bollywood music is appreciated, when this country has a vast reserve of all kinds of music. His video comes with the message, ”Many of you have asked us why don’t we take out too much music these days.. Many of you ask us when is our new music coming out. You guys deserve the truth. The answers to both of these questions, are in this video. The fact is, that we never stopped making music. It’s just that it never reaches you like it used to, once upon a time.”

“For too long, Non film music has stayed in the shadows. But no more. With you on our side, we shall claim the light. We won’t run, and we won’t back down. A new revolution begins. Together, we will bring non film music back! Watch the complete video to know the truth and share it because trust us, you are the beginning of the change. Will you stand by us?”

Watch the whole video below where Palash Sen put out his inner thoughts in words:

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