Employees Of This Government Office In Bihar Wear HELMETS To Work, Find Out The Reason Why?

We heard a lot about the government offices and workers and about the bad infrastructure and good for nothing employees, but what we are gonna talk about today is not common and people have stopped thinking it as a problem. We are going to talk about a story which is on another level.

A Government office at Champaran district in Bihar is so dangerous as the roof of the office is so risky that employees wear helmets while working there. Yes, you read it right. They wear helmets while they are working in an office.

Employees Of This Government Office In Bihar Wear HELMETS To Work, Find Out The Reason Why? 1
Source: Video Screenshot

According to the reports, last year the government’s building construction department declared the office dangerous, but then also people are working there. In case the roof crashes to avoid getting hurt, all the employees wear helmets. And even whoever comes to the office needs to cover their head with something.

From the land record department of the office, two sources, Lalan and Parvez Ahmad told to News18, When the parts of the roof fall many office members have been hurt. This building is so old. The roofs and the walls are very bad. In rainy season water falls from the roof. The roof can collapse anytime. As we can’t take leave from our duties we decided to wear helmets.

The employees are so loyal that they don’t take any leave from the office and even don’t demand a leave. They come to the office every day even in this risky situation. People from more than 20 villages come to the office for getting birth and death certificates and for getting benefits of government run welfare schemes.

Watch the video of the employees working in the office wearing helmets.

This is really a big issue, the government needs to look after it. Some serious action needs to be taken from the government side asap.

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