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Eight Members of SIMI Were Killed By The MP Police After Escaping From Bhopal Jail, But How?

Eight members of the banned Students Islamic Federation of India (SIMI) were killed in Madhya Pradesh in an encounter with…

By Administrator in News on October 31, 2016

Eight members of the banned Students Islamic Federation of India (SIMI) were killed in Madhya Pradesh in an encounter with MP police on Monday, few hours after they escaped from a high-security jail in Bhopal. The operation took place at Acharpura village, around five kilometers northwest of Bhopal Central Jail, commented by Bhopal inspector general of police Yogesh Chaudhury. He also said that they acted as per intelligence and located the criminals. They first fired on us and hence all eight were killed in crossfire.

The Eight men had broken out of Bhopal jail around 2am on Monday 31 October 2016 after killing one guard and holding another as a  hostage. This was the second such jailbreak  by members of the SIMI in the course of three years. At a press conference held in Bhopal, Shivraj Singh Chouhan The chief minister of Madhya Pradesh told the media that the jailbreak was a severe incident of criminal negligence and the matter will be examined by the National Investigation Agency. He also added that he spoke to Union home minister Rajnath Singh.

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‘Details of the incident will be released soon. The way they killed a guard and injured another one, they were probably planning or plotting a terror attack’, said MP home minister Bhupendra Singh. The Operation started at 4 am and we managed to gun them down at 11 am said the police. Police also told us that the culprits were accused in cases that included the year 2008 Ahmedabad serial blasts and the explosions that took place in Karimnagar, Pune and Chennai around two years ago.

8 SIMI Suspect Killed By MP Police Today Morning, After Escaping From Jail

The suspected SIMI men used knives fashioned  made out of jail spoons to kill the guard Ramashankar Yadav in the remote C Block where they were lodged, Around 2am on Monday reported by sources. They then held another guard as hostage between 2am and 3am before using bed sheets and wood lying around to make a ladder out of it and climb out of the jail premises. SIMI was formed in the year 1977 to look after the welfare of Muslim youth but gradually adopted a more hardline belief, especially after the incident of Babri Masjid demolition in the year 1992. The government banned the outfit in 2001 but experts say many old members who went underground managed to stay in touch with each other and expand their network secretly.

Police said that this incident was identical to the one happened on 1 October 2013 at the Tantya Bheel Jail in the state’s Khandwa district.

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