Ed Sheeran gave his sneakers right-off from his feet to his Girlfriend After She Broke her Louboutin Heels

The 26-year-old Ed Sheeran, a singer from UK, has the best music ever. Sheeran is not amazing looking, but he is short and is a ginger boy. Everyone knows he is a humble man and at the same time, he is a legend of world music. At present, he is dating the best-looking women in the world. When we all are listening to his latest music Shape Of You on loop, he is showing his good qualities of a good human that he is.

The Singer had broken millions of hearts when he confirmed about his relationship with his Childhood friend Cherry Seaborn. Ed Sheeran treats her so good, and he makes the world happy by just watching them together.

On Wednesday night at the Brit Awards, while dancing Cherry Seaborn broke her Christian Louboutin heels. Without a though the gentleman Ed Sheeran took off his sneakers and gave it to his Girlfriend to wear it. Then Seaborn came out of the party in his shoes, and the Singer was just in his socks and was holding her broken heels in his hands.

The proud girlfriend, Cherry Seaborn was so comfortable in Sheeran’s trainers and gave a cute smile to the camera’s while walking out of the venue. Ed did not leave Cherry’s hand even for a while and was being extra careful.

We all have heard Ed Sheeran’s music and admired him but like this instances makes us love him more.

So Sweet of Ed Sheeran, I Know now most of the girls wants a BF like Sheeran!

His latest music came is Shape Of You and it was best.

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