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During Grand Finale Of Bigg Boss 10 Swami Om Was Partying With Priyanka Jagga's Family In Delhi

There was news of Swami Ji coming on Grand Finale of Bigg Boss 10. Swami Ji has made so many…

By Administrator in Bigg Boss News on January 31, 2017

There was news of Swami Ji coming on Grand Finale of Bigg Boss 10. Swami Ji has made so many plans to destroy the grand finale of BB10. Sameer Jagga, Priyanka’s brother, had also joined hand with Swami. After being invited in BB10 Swami said,  “Deshdrohiyon ke finale me hum aag lagane aa rahe hai. Salman Khan ki haddiyan todne jaayenge”. But we didn’t see anything like this. There was entirely different story.
Here we have got some news about Swami Ji. There was no confirmation of this report. Now we have brought the truth o Swami Ji not coming to Finale. During the time of Finale shoot, Swami Ji was not even in Mumbai. At that time Swami Om was going to Delhi. Swami went Delhi to spend some time with Priyanka’s family. Sameer jagga has posted many videos and photos with Baba Ji on his Facebook account.

On 29th January, Sunday Sameer Jagga posted a status on Facebook. That time finale shoot was going on. He posted, he is going to pick Swami Om who is on his way to Delhi.
On Sunday at 11:30 am in the morning, in Gurgaon Sameer was going to Delhi airport from his house that time he posted on Facebook “I’m going to Airport SWAMI OM is coming. 11.30 again He will live with me. You all can ask any questions”. Now, this is deleted from his account.
After some time, Swami Ji and Sameer were seen at a party pub enjoying there with his friends. Jermain Marshall Muise and Alikzander Magnus Muise, Priyanka’s sons, were also spotted there. They were partying when the Finale was going on.
Sameer had planned another party with Swami Ji on 3rd February. In his 2nd Facebook video, he invited his fans at the venue.
It seems Swami’s plan has finally failed, and we can see that. He wanted to become a villain against BB10 makers and Salman Khan at the Finale.
Recently in a Live Debate Interview, the audience has hit Swami Ji. Now we hope Swami stops everything.

Here is the video of Swami Ji partying with Priyanka’s sons and her brother.

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