Dubai Is Now Building A Fully Rotational Skyscraper Where Every Apartment Will Spin Individually

Dubai is all set to build the world’s first rotating Skyscraper by 2020. Skyscraper in Dubai is sprouting like mushrooms. Dubai is going to build a Skyscraper whose each and every apartment will rotate, and even it will control the speed. This dynamic tower was planned in 2008 by Israeli-Italian architect David Fisher.
The tower will be 1,375 feet tall with each of its 80 storeys which will rotate separately around a concrete core. The residents will offer to enjoy the view of Dubai in full 360-degree. The hotel will be having self-powered, and thanks to its terrace mounted solar panels and 79 horizontal wind turbines which will be placed between every floor.

The floors will be able to control it’s rotation speed and will stop the spinning apartment with voice commands. A post on Dynamic Architecture’s website says, “How many stars? This ‘hotel’ will be beyond stars.” This building will not be just like a hotel, but it is a new product in line with today’s technology.
Of course the cost of living in this hotel will be expensive. It will offer luxurious accommodation, exclusive services, and facilities for the traveler with all new technology no matter for leisure or business.
Obviously, the price won’t be cheap as each apartment will be costing around $30 million. The building will be constructed around £350 million.
David Fisher has planned same buildings in Paris, New York, Moscow and London.

You can watch the video of Dynamic Hotel.



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