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Drunk student was arrested for abusing an assistant police inspector and three women constables.

Drunk student arrested for drunk-driving and abusing police inspector near Podar Hospital, Mumbai early on Thursday morning. A girl identified as Gauri Bhide also allegedly physically attacked at least six policemen posted with Worli police station.

Police said the incident took place at around 1.15 am when Bhide, who was with three friends, Chirag Bhothra (21), Kapil Rathod (21) and a 17-year-old minor. An officer from the Worli police station, who was at the scene said, “The girl appeared drunk and was accompanied by three male friends who were seated in her car.” After the incident the accused got down of the car and started abusing the locals who gathered to see whether the four were fine, the official said.

Drunk student Gauri Bhide and three of her friends arrested for drunk-driving and abusing police. Gauri Bhide, who allegedly beat up an assistant police inspector and three women constables.

Worli police also said, “Bhide even bit some of the policemen who tried to stop her as she randomly started abusing everyone and as we tried getting hold of the accused, she started spitting, kicking and throwing punches on the policemen. The girl has been changing her statement constantly as initially she claimed that she consumed alcohol in Chembur, the second time she said that they drank at Ghatkopar while in the third version she said it was at Pali Hill.”


A senior police officer said, “We thought they had ran over someone on the footpath and officers including lady officers from our Mobile 5 vehicle responded moments after the crash.” The police said locals from the nearby Siddharth Nagar slum were also present and had encircled the four occupants of the car.

According to Praveen Padwal, zonal deputy commissioner of police, all four persons were highly under the influence of alcohol. Padwal said, “They were all taken for a medical test at JJ Hospital and the examination reports reveal that all were drunk beyond the permissible limits. The incident was a manual error, not a fault of the car’s mechanics.”


The accused have been booked under relevant sections of drunk driving, rash driving under the motor vehicle act and also for obstructing an officer from performing their duties under the Indian Penal Code.

Featured Image Source:indianexpress.com

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