In many movies, we have seen something running after or following and now we have it in real life too. Have you ever seen a train driver following a driverless train which is running on the track? The same thing has happened recently in Karnataka. It’s funny but it is dangerous too. But luckily the driver controlled the train.

A filmy scene took place in Karnataka. An electric railway engine ran on the tracks without a pilot inside. The train almost ran up to 13 km from Wadi station in Kalaburagi (Karnataka). Then the pilot followed the train on his bike for 20 minutes and brought the train under control. The driver stopped the train at next station Nalwar.

Driverless Engine Runs On Track For 13 KMs. Pilot Follows It On His Bike To Stop It

According to the reports on TimesOfIndia, the Mumbai Mail from Chennai, with passenger bogies, arrived at Wadi around 3 PM. The diesel engine is attached to the bogies for the further journey of Wadi to Solapur and the electric line ends at Wadi only. The engine was separated from bogies at Platform 4 and the train went on its way. The engine was on a platform and the pilot came down at 3:30 PM. In just no time, the engine started moving on its own and the pilot saw it.

The authorities of Wadi station immediately informed the next stations about the incident and told them to clear the signals and tracks. The Loco pilot took a bike and followed the engine Wadi station manager JN Paris.

The pilot and the manager followed the train till 3:50 PM as the engine slowed. The pilot jumped into the engine and stopped it. JN Paris said the runaway engine could have caused an accident if the train would come from opposite direction.

However, the authorities were quite on how the engine started.

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