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Do You Know Who Is Entering Bigg Boss House Again As A Contestant?

Now it’s time for third elimination in Bigg Boss 10, but today, we have got some shocking news for all of you. There is someone who is going to enter the house again as a contestant. Many will be disappointed on hearing this news that Priyanka Jagga is entering the House again as a contestant. Yes, it’s right!

Yes, it’s right, Priyanka Jagga who was eliminated in the first week of elimination and left everyone shocked is getting back again in the Bigg Boss 10 house. She was the only contestant who had created big drama’s and was the only person arguing with all the contestants in BB 10. Her eviction was a strategy.

The drama queen is back again and we will be seeing lots of drama and controversies in BB 10 yet again. This very much seems to be a strategy by the show makers just to raise TRP’s. I guess everyone will be shocked by this news and even the housemates will be shocked after seeing Priyanka Jagga back in the house.

What do you guys think? what will be Priyanka Jagga’s new strategy after coming back?

After coming back in the house we just need to wait to see what drama she creates *EVIL LAUGH* and we know many of you all will be thinking that why is she coming back and some will be happy on, getting to know that she’s coming back.


Once again Priyanka Jagga is coming back as a contestant in Bigg Boss 10.

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