Being useless and creating problems for others is something which is not acceptable. But this is what exactly happening in the mobile recharge shops in Uttar Pradesh. The UP state police have found out a scam where the mobile recharge shop keepers are selling the phone numbers of girls, and the prices are depending on the beauty of a girl. How shameless they can be!

In UP the emergency help phone number is 1090, and now they are getting so many complaints from the women who are getting phone calls and messages from men who are looking for friendship. First, the force did not have any clue, but after the search, they come up with a complete network of people who are involved in this and giving girls numbers to others. Once the shopkeeper gets the number, they sold the number to men at anywhere, and the price of selling the numbers is between Rs.50 to Rs.500. Many men’s were asked question on this, and they said they did it for fun and money.

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The biggest problem is there is no proper law or a rule to punish whoever is troubling in this manner. The police and all can only warn the person and maybe file a case of harassment. The lawyers of UP thinks that the police are calling and warning them, but this will not solve the problem; they say we need a proper law to tackle such people and make them understand that harassing women like this is not ok. The first thing is the shopkeeper’s moral sense should be clear. They should know that they don’t have right to sell the phone numbers of women’s like this.

According to me, How are we supposed to become a great country when such incident happens in our country. Better schooling is required, that to Co-Ed so that there will be an understanding between girls and boys right from childhood and we would not have people with such mentality, which is resulting in our mothers and sisters facing harassment from the buyers.

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Nowadays for some people, Money is more important than anything else!

Shame on those shopkeepers who did like this.