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DJ Bobby Deol reveals how 'Imtiaz Ali' cheated on him which turned him to alcoholism.

Happy Birthday! Bobby Deol has turned 50 this month, and we have been missing him for a long while in…

By Administrator in Bollywood Gossips on January 27, 2017

Happy Birthday! Bobby Deol has turned 50 this month, and we have been missing him for a long while in our Bollywood. From a long time, he has not been featured on screen in Hindi films, and he has revealed the reason of being off from the limelight for years. The Huffington Post Interview where he admits openly that he was unable to adapt the changing times and that’s the reason for his disappearance from the movies.


The actor is now back with a big comeback vehicle ‘Poster Boys’ and is very excited about the comeback. In the interview, he said that it was easy in the 90’s people never needed to talk about themselves everything what spoke was their work. Now everyone has to socialize, and I couldn’t adapt the change and change with the revolution. Without the Internet and social media, things were so easy and real but I could not understand that time it’s the leading competition.
Now that I know things and want to come back with the same spirit I want to learn everything. While he had a lack of work, he went into alcoholism for a long while. He reveals that he was going to become a ‘total alcoholic’. With that hat exclusive, he said was that Imtiaz Ali cheated on him wondering how?
Bobby Deol

Jab we Met starring Kareena and Shahid was first going to be featured by Bobby Deol. Bobby had got this amazing idea of a script and had shared with Imitiaz where he promised to keep the lead as Bobby but later when Kareena said a No for the film he changed the male lead role. This issue is the inside talks which never come out. This is how DJ Bobby felt cheated in the film industry.

Shocking! Good talent is cheated.

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