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Disguting! Three Swedian men upload a Live 'Gangrape' video of a woman on Facebook which goes viral.

Facebook has recently updated its website and has got the Live video feature which is interestingly used by many Facebook…

By Administrator in Viral on January 24, 2017

Facebook has recently updated its website and has got the Live video feature which is interestingly used by many Facebook users. While technology has its negatives too and that got featured through this ridiculous incident in Sweden. Three men from Sweden have been suspected in a Gangrape case of a woman who has been publicly slotted through Internet source.
On Tuesday the young boy suspected the three boys had broadcasted the attack on Facebook in a personal group which had approximately 60000 followers and the video went ‘LIVE’ on Facebook. The three boys in the video were young age of 18, 20 and 24 years and the victim was 30 years old. The group where the video was shared suddenly became so active, and everyone started watching the trash.
Out of all the followers, one generous, kind heart boy took the step to call the police authorities. Josefine Lundgren, 21, called the police and informed them about the LIVE video. He even explained them the whole video how the victim was molested by the boys they tore off all her clothes at first and then raped her. The suspect was arrested in an apartment in Uppsala with the presence of the victim.

The video has been deleted from Facebook. Here are some starting clips of the LIVE video.

Sweden Facebook Live Rape at gunpoint in Uppsala

Three men gang raped a Swedish woman at gunpoint and live-streamed it on Facebook Live. Authorities doing everything to hide their origins."Jag ska fucka ur ikväll, jag svär på min mamma"

Posted by Refugees Not Welcome on Tuesday, January 24, 2017

While the film has been removed from Facebook but before that, it was circulated to many another website. Swedish media had some clips showing a man with a revolver with him dressed in Blue uniform. Not only the attack of gangrape the video being streamed Live on social media should be the added charge on the suspects.The whole act was denounced by press spokesman for Facebook in the Nordic countries in an email to AFP as “a hideous crime”.

Shameful! The LIVE video feature is used for such things.

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