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Disgusting! Swami Ji Threatens Rohan Mehra, Housemates Suffer Due to His Nasty Behaviour.

As the new week of Bigg Boss 10 is started, BB introduced a new captaincy task. The task is interesting…

By Administrator in Bigg Boss on December 20, 2016

As the new week of Bigg Boss 10 is started, BB introduced a new captaincy task. The task is interesting love letter task to get the new captain of the house. The task is between Girls VS Boys, in this task, girls had to write Love Letters to their partners and boys have to read it without being caught by their warden. Yes, their warden is Swami Ji and Priyanka Jagga. For girls Priyanka is warden and for boys Swami Ji. Both of them should see that the couples should not exchange their love letters in the house. The couples are Rohan-Lopa, Bani-Gaurav, Mona-Manu, Nitibha-Manveer.

As we all in the BB house nothing is complete without drama and fights. While the task is going on there came a storm. The love and romance of BB house stopped and the house converted into an argument between Rohan Mehra and Om Swami. In tonight’s episode, we will see how Rohan and Swami will get into an ugly fight and even got the physical fight. This fight started when Swami tries to snatch the Love Letter from Rohan, Rohan took the fight normally but as we all know Swami creates lot of drama and he never stays quite. Swami made some personal comments on Rohan and threatened him to ruin his career. Swami Ji said to Rohan that he will ruin his face so he will never get any work in his life.

Swami Ji Threatens Rohan Mehra BB takes Immediate Action.

We reveal, because of Swami’s bad behaviour BB had to stop the captaincy task in between and the task has been cancelled. After things went beyond the limits, Bigg Boss took an action on Swami Ji and Slammed him for doing same mistakes. BB gave him last chance and told this is his last warning if he does this again he will be thrown out of the house at the same time. BB called him in the confession room and said if he tries to threaten anyone in the house he will be thrown out of the house.

Swami Should be thrown out of the house, why was he given last chance also? Swami Ji has crossed all his limits. What do you guys think about Swami’s nasty behaviour? Please do share your thoughts in a comment box below.

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