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Disgusting! During Luxury Budget Task Swami Ji Pees In The Kitchen, Here’s How Housemates React!

We know as the new week starts Bigg Boss gives new Luxury Budget Task, in this week’s task housemates are…

By Administrator in Bigg Boss on December 6, 2016

We know as the new week starts Bigg Boss gives new Luxury Budget Task, in this week’s task housemates are divided into two teams. Rahul, Lopa, Mona, and Rohan are in one team and they are passengers while others are the drivers in the task. And Priyanka Jagga is the traffic police in the task. All the drivers should pick and drop the passengers at the price they want and if they break traffic rules Priyanka will collect fine for it.

The task is interesting and it looks like the housemates will go through a magical ride in this week. But the main thing is drama and fights, in Bigg Boss house nothing is completed without fights and drama. In last night’s episode, we saw how Priyanka Jagga created drama during the open nominations.

It’s Disgusting! Swami Ji Pees in open In the Middle Of Living area and Kitchen

The new Luxury Budget Task is started and Bigg Boss 10 contestant Swami Ji bend down to a very low level. Even Swami Ji is a part of the Luxury Budget Task, but the housemates refuses Swami Ji to drop him to his point because he refuses to pay the fare they ask. So to take the revenge from housemates Swami Ji does a disgusting thing. Swami pees in open in the middle of the living area and Kitchen. It’s so disgusting, all the housemates don’t like this cheap thing done by The God Father of the house. Manveer loses his control so badly that he goes to hit him but somehow housemates stop him. Swami Ji is just irritating all the housemates and forcing them do behave badly with him. Well, see all the new drama and fights in tonight’s episode.

We need to watch tonight’s episode, how housemates will react on this cheap and disgusting behavior of Swami Ji. What you guys think, what should housemates do with Swami ? Should he be thrown out of the house?  Share your views in the comments section below.

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