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Did you know India has defeated the US in terms of Facebook users?

The world power US lags nowhere behind in securing the first position, be it in terms of security or technology. Nations idealize the US, but recently India has beat the country in terms of active users on Facebook. India has secured the first position in the country audience list.

Addiction of Indians to the largest Social networking platform Facebook has helped it with a total of 241 million active users, whereas the US has 240 million active users.

Facebook had previously announced that it has more than two billion active users on a monthly basis, from around the globe. It has been reported that figures of active users in India have increased twice more than the US. With the enhancement in network and internet facilities, the numbers are predicted to increase on a larger scale.

Did you know India has defeated the US in terms of Facebook users? 1

The number of users in India has increased by 27 percent in the last six months, whereas the number has increased by 12 percent in the US in the same amount of time. The reports added that more than half of the users from India are below the age of 25. The gender barrier is still visible in Indian Facebook user statistics, where three-fourth of eh users are men. The US has around 54 percent of women as Facebook active users.

It is definitely a great news for all the Indian Facebook users, but the male –female statistics in terms of Facebook users are still hard to digest. It isn’t enough just to grow in terms of numbers, it is vital to growing as a human! Hence, support women equally in being socially active!

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