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Did Tamanna really go topless in Baahubali? We have the Answer to it!

In the story, Tamanna played role of Princess Avantika and in one of the songs she has revealed her full glamour by even going topless. The song Pacchabottesina pillagaada has got Avantika doing the daring act of giving topless feast to Shivudu character played by Prabhas, and now discussion is that if Tamanna had really gone bare for the song.

Tamannah didn’t go topless in Baahubali. It was some random girl who did so. You could see that she was wearing some jacket without knot and during the topless scene it was a knot type. The model was also showing her back and so another girl was replaced instead of her.

Mostly actress when doing towel scene or back scene wears an adhesive bra or bra which has transparent straps,some times cheap silicon mannequin or body double is used or CGI is used. like they do in it the Game of Thrones series, they can CGI the face of the actress onto a body double.

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It is probably the backless bra or the CGI or Body double who have done their work very hard to accomplish the task and made the scene appealing.

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