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Did Manveer Gurjar Just Confess His Love To Nitibha Kaul?

As we all know that the new Luxury Budget task “BB Call Centre” has created a new drama and fight…

By Administrator in Bigg Boss on January 13, 2017

As we all know that the new Luxury Budget task “BB Call Centre” has created a new drama and fight inside the Bigg Boss 10 house. In tonight’s episode, we will see VJ Bani and Lopamudra will get into an ugly fight. They both even get physical to each other. It started when Lopamudra said that VJ Bani is taking her mother’s point everywhere and taking the Sympathy. This made Bani furious and she went ahead to hit Lopa. Both of them get into a catfight, all the housemates are shocked after seeing this catfight. As the Finale week is coming near, things are changing in the Bigg Boss 10 house. Apart from everything Manveer and Nitibha have sorted their problems.
Well, we saw in last night’s episode when Nitibha called Manveer in the task. Nitibha asked him how much does her friendship means to him? Manveer replied that she is in his heart and he will give her a lifetime friendship and he respects her a lot. Manveer even said that he wants to hear something more than friendship. Well, after seeing all this we can say that indirectly Manveer said that he has fallen in love with Nitibha, we don’t know about Nitibha what she feels. Maybe Manveer did not speak up openly as he was having fear of Cameras.

After their phone task both of them again got into an argument, where Nitibha is saying Manveer that he did not answer her any questions properly. Manveer gets angry after listening to this and shouts at her by saying he can’t say anything clearly in the house in front of everyone.
What does this mean? Did Manveer mean that he want to confess his love to Nitibha? Is he getting hesitate as he is on national TV? Is this the new love story on Bigg Boss 10? Well, we can just guess everything only time will tell us what is the truth.
What do you guys think about Nitibha and Manveer? Please do share your thoughts with us by commenting below. Stay tuned to us for more exclusive updates of Bigg Boss 10.


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