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Devo Ke Dev Actress Sonarika Bhadoria Blows Everyones Mind by Sharing Amazing Bikini Pictures

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev fame Sonarika Bhadoria Bikini photos doing rounds on social media sites and she posted few photos in…

By Administrator in Television on May 30, 2016

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev fame Sonarika Bhadoria Bikini photos doing rounds on social media sites and she posted few photos in her Instagram. The actress shared the pictures from her recent beach holiday, when she unintentionally invited haters who slammed her for her choice of clothes. Sonarika was seen in Bikini and maximum beauties of her body have been unveiled in these pics. However, the actress is not shy full in dressing when she comes for the film promotions. Sonarika like to attract the youth with the maximum exposure possible in public. Her looks and dressing is always in the news for the sexy looks in the industry.

Sonarika, who plays Parvati in the popular mythological show Devon ke Dev Mahadev apparently, upset her fans when she sizzled in the beach wear, quite contrary to the avatar that she dons for her character in the mythological show. The actress Sonarika who appeared in the Telugu movies like Jadugadu, Speedonnodu and Eedo Rakam Aado Rakam is a well known to the Telugu audience as a hot girl on screen. Now the buzz is that the sexy looking actress is hot on off screen too. Recently she went to Indonesia for a holiday and enjoyed her private time in complete freedom. Sonarika has posted her pictures which were taken in private.

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While removing the picture is her personal decision, we’re glad to see she stood up for herself with this post.

Sonarika Bhadoria followers are used to see her in heavy traditional outfits without any skin show. So the hot, sizzling bikini snaps were something that her admirers couldn’t endure. Having received not so good comments, Sonarika Bhadoria chose to erase some of her snaps from the Twitter handle. However, later on, she re-posted those snaps with the hashtag #deletedpost. Lashing out at the body shamers, Sonarika Bhadoria in a separate post tweeted that in the western countries, people are battling against body shaming and in India it’s a crime to wear bikini and post pictures.

She informed about her posting bikini pictures on the Twitter stage and then removing them as she was not accustomed to gulp down so much negativity. She could have ignored, but, owing to her unprofessionalism in handling negativity. Sonarika, before posting more pictures after all the flak, had deleted some of her posts saying that she was not mature enough to handle all the negativity. However, later, the actress changed her mind and returned unabashed and unfazed, posting more of her sizzling hot pictures.

Sonarika Bhadoria, who is currently enjoying a beach vacation, sizzles in a bikini.

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