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Delhi’s ‘Shiv Sagar’ Restaurant May It’s Lose Licence For Refusing To Serve Street Kids!

A woman and eight underprivileged children caused a stir outside a prominent chain restaurant in Delhi’s Connaught Place, a day after they were denied service at the food joint. The issue went viral on social media, prompting the Delhi government to order an inquiry

The incident took place on Friday when Sonali Shetty wished to treat some children from the streets on her husband’s birthday. Sonali Shetty protested outside the restaurant against the rude behavior of the owners the staff. Sonali took some of the street children for feeding them, when she was not let in by the staff. Staff allegedly refused to serve the children from because they were not well dressed and looked dirty.

Sonali Shetty said, “I had taken eight underprivileged children for lunch to Shiv Sagar restaurant but the staff there did not serve us. I was also ridiculed and threatened to keep off the restaurant.” She also said that she protested outside the eatery for over 10 hours, but nothing happened. She felt that the whole incident reflected society’s “failure”.

Image Source: hindustantimes.com

The news that a famous restaurant in New Delhi allegedly denied entry to underprivileged children who were accompanied by a woman, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has ordered an inquiry into the incident.

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia termed the incident as an example of typical “colonial mindset” and said that if the allegations against the restaurant are found true its licence will be cancelled.

Abhishek Singh, District Magistrate, New Delhi, told The Indian Express that the CCTV footage of the restaurant was examined and it showed that the children were sitting at the table for about an 1.5 hours without service.

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