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Delhi University students were barred for using words like 'Bras & Panty' in their play.

How can the people judge other people just by using words which should have been comfortable in the Indian society?…

By Administrator in Viral on February 2, 2017

How can the people judge other people just by using words which should have been comfortable in the Indian society? It’s like expecting a group of girls not to talk about their menstruation in a daily conversation. A similar incident happened in Delhi with women who came out on roads talking frankly about their problems.
On Wednesday students from across Delhi gathered at Shri Ram Centre where the ongoing Mahavidyalaya Natya Utsav theater competition was being held and something weird took place. The girls who were involved in the collective movement of women students across the universities of Delhi, as the Pinjra Tod an association of women. They come forward to take up the cause on behalf of the students of Kamla Nehru College’s, who put up the controversial play.


Rather of the whole cause and play which came to streets as a protest for using ‘cuss words’ such as ‘bra’ and ‘panty’ led to unfair disqualification by the Sahitya Kala Academy (SKA). The protesters had a simple aim for the women so that they can normalize the word like ‘Bra & Panty’ or women’s underwear. The bras which were hanged on the wall with the poster had a great impact on the people and society at large.

Monami Basu, teacher and convener of Lakshya, also wrote a post on Facebook disagreeing to the disqualification of the act says that it was just a good deed so that women’s do not feel any hesitation while talking about these things it’s a good initiative. This post got a flooded of replies supporting the cause which made the firm judgment loose. Now the judgment is taken back and there will be no ban on them just their marks will get cut this is because of all social media.

Lakshya, The theatre society of Kamala Nehru College was chosen for the prestigious Mahavidhylaya Theatre Festival of…

Posted by Monami Basu on Friday, January 27, 2017

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