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Delhi Commission for Women, Swati Says, 11 Inmates Died In 2 Months At Asha Kiran Home

In the past two months, 11 patients had died at Asha Kiran Home for the mentally challenging patient. A Delhi…

By Administrator in News on February 7, 2017

In the past two months, 11 patients had died at Asha Kiran Home for the mentally challenging patient. A Delhi Commission for Women chief Swati Maliwal has done a sudden midnight inspection at Asha Kiran Home, and she revealed many instances. On Sunday DCW Swati said, “shocked” to see the gross violation of human rights at Asha Kiran Home and the women were roaming naked in the corridors.
Swati Maliwal said, there women’s were made to remove clothes while going for the bath in a line. There were CCTV camera’s which are monitored by male staff. She said, “Shockingly, nude women were roaming around in the corridors even as there are CCTV cameras installed there which are being monitored by male staff.”

The house was so overcrowded; one bed was shared by four peoples. The patients there were used as the worker and the staff used to force them to do their personal work. The patients were cleaning clothes, sweeping, helping in other works. DCW Swati saw that one of the staff members was getting her legs pressed by a mental patient. She even saw that the toilets were not clean, it was stinking, and it looked like the patient had done in the corridor or in the room itself. There is a less staff; one aunty should look after 152 residents. It’s not possible!
Maliwal said, there were no wheelchairs used, women and children’s were crawling and going to the toilet. There is a need of psychological doctors, but they did not have any psychological staff. There were no Doctors present.

Swati added, “There was also no guard stationed at the entrance of the women’s wing, and we were able to walk inside unchecked.”
BJP says the AAP government is responsible for the deaths in the house. The party says, the social welfare department is without minister after Sandeep Kumar discharged last year.

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