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Delhi Assembly BJP Leader Vijender Gupta Stands Up On The Bench To Protest Against Kejriwal’s Comment.

The Delhi Assembly witnessed dramatic scenes on friday with BJP MLA Vijender Gupta performing some never seen before stunt in the House. Vijender Gupta stood on his desk in front of CM Arvind Kejriwal in protest against the Speaker, who he alleged, gave him less time to speak during a debate.

BJP MLA Vijender Gupta, who was not allowed to voice his opinion by the Speaker Ram Niwas Goel during a special session on MPD (Master Plan of Delhi) lost his cool, climbed up the bench, even as other MLAs call for him to sit down. Others, sensing a YouTube clip in the making, began filming the furore. Disinterested others just looked plain amused.

Arvind Kejriwal, reacted to the incident on Twitter and wrote: “Shocking.” He was quoted saying by Indian Express: “BJP has no respect for democratic institutions like Legislative Assembly. Look at BJP’s Leader of Opposition’s conduct.”

During the special session of Delhi Assembly, BJP MLA Vijender Gupta stood on the bench after he was denied the chance to talk by the Speaker Ram Niwas Goel. As Gupta showed his antics, a furious Arvind Kejriwal stood up and lashed out at the BJP minister for disrespecting the Assembly. The Delhi CM threatened Gupta to expose the scam in which his wife is involved. The Speaker also express Gupta’s behaviour as a ‘shameful act’. Watch the video of Gupta standing on the bench in the Delhi Assembly.

“This is shameful. I don’t think I have seen a member standing on his bench like this,” Ram Niwas said. “You hijack all the time of the House, don’t allow us to speak,” Gupta shot back.

In November last year, BJP MLA Vijender Gupta was marshalled out of the House amid uproar over his party colleague OP Sharma’s alleged derogatory remarks against AAP minister Alka Lamba.
That time, Vijender Gupta was seen resisting attempts by marshals to remove him by holding onto a bench. The staff had to push with him to remove him from the House.

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