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Deepika Padukone To Learn Italian Cooking With Her Sister Anisha Padukone In Intaly

Deepika Padukone has enrolled in a course on Italian cooking with her sister Anisha Padukone. Deepika and Anisha have just finished a week-long course in Tuscany, Italy. This was a plan the two sisters had made long back.

Even Deepika Padukone‘s packed schedule, she has kept her promise to her sister about spending time with her and doing this with her. Deepika and Anisha came from a middle class family in Bangalore where it was usual and lots of fun as kids to enter the kitchen.


According to a recent reports of Hindustan Times, “Deepika and Anisha are leaving for the course this week. They had made this plan a while back. Despite having a packed schedule, Deepika has kept her promise to her sister. The two grew up in Bengaluru, and they often tried their hands at making dishes together.”

Deepika Padukone is extremely close to her younger sister. They have a special bond. Deepika and Anisha are usually busy with their respective careers. Anisha has made her name in the Golf circuit. So, they both decided to take this getaway together.

Featured Image Source:in.style.yahoo.com

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