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Deepika Padukone Gives Out An Inspiring Message To Students On Twitter & Everyone Needs To Read It

Deepika Padukone took to Twitter and shared a heart touching experience when she met one disappointed student in the lift who was very depressed with his exam results and his mother who was of the belief that good scores made successful individuals.

It’s that time of the year when students across India compare percentages, look up cut-offs for their preferred courses and apply to their dream colleges. Admissions to universities can be extremely hard on students and their parents, especially those who feel they haven’t scored enough.

A recent brief interaction of Deepika Padukone in lift with a son and mother proves why Deepika isn’t only the Queen of Bollywood but the Queen of hearts too.


Deepika Padukone has won millions of hearts with her performance. She is one of the leading actresses of B-town with a huge list of fan followers and we are sure the way she has spread positivity in the life of a little boy and his mother, not just B-town fans in fact the world will be proud of this diva.

A few days ago, she tweeted about the time she met a young boy and his mother:

This is the normal impression that every parents have for any successful person. One really can’t change that thought. But it looks like Deepika Padukone has successfully brought in that change with the response to that mother and her son in the lift she met. What Deepika replied will leave everyone thrilled.

Deepika Padukone ended her series of tweets by sharing a greater social message:

Deepika Padukone on sharing the conversation on social media, gave a larger social message to her followers. The incident also brings to light the academic pressure experienced by students today and Deepika‘s thoughts on the subject sure prove to be a motivation for all the students who have been experiencing similar situations with examination results having been declared recently.

Featured Image Source:www.whoa.in

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