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Here are 5 Lessons ‘Dear Zindagi’ has taught us for a long run!

We can’t keep clinging to one incident of our life, and spoil the rest of our beautiful journey. After English…

By Abhinav D Anand in Bollywood on June 3, 2017

We can’t keep clinging to one incident of our life, and spoil the rest of our beautiful journey. After English Vinglish Gauri Shinde gave us Dear Zindagi, one of the most inspiring and beautiful contribution of Dhrama Production to Bollywood which provides all the answer to your soul. Alia Bhat’s (Kaira) way through depression to a lovely life with the help of Shah Rukh Khan (Jug) inspires numerous people to move forward in their lives and embrace their Dear Zindagi especially the scene of playing kabaddi with the sea. Here are 5 reasons why Dear Zindagi is a must watch-

1. If you are going through depression –

There are certain happenings in your life which affect you so deeply that they bar you moving ahead in life. The trauma is so deep that you prefer keeping yourself away from the whole world. What do you need? You just require a push from the right person who can help you get over the mental stress and guide you how to live the moment.

Dear Zindagi Quotes

2. If you are unable to express yourself –

Until the time you don’t share things with somebody or withdraw yourself from pouring out what you are going through you can’t move forward in life. Expressing yourself can make you a strong individual, and help you tackle the waves of life.

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3. If you are unable to choose the right person for yourself –

The beautiful depiction of this statement will make you come over all the complications and doubts you are going through in your life about the right person (that one kursi). The beauty lies in the execution of this concept, which is an analogy between love life and chair.

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4. If you are in a dilemma regarding your dream job/career –

If you feel that your career isn’t going good or that you have made a wrong career decision, this movie is for you. This film can develop the feeling of positivity and optimism in you regarding your choices, decisions, and preferences.

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5. If you are facing problems with your parents –

We often land up in conflicts with our parents, but keeping such conflicts in our heart can spoil the alluring bond. Nothing can help more than sharing things with your parents and siblings. You need to consider things at the right moment.

Dear Zindagi dialogues

Dear Zindagi is an answer to all the problems.

Do watch! SRK <3

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